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Immigration ultimate was established in 1997 with a vision to provide best counselling to the candidates those who are eager to get admission in Indian & Foreign Universities. We also help the people to provide them work permit visa, permanent residence visa, tourist visa, migrate to other country and spouse visa.We understand the people’s stain and stress for getting their any type of visa or higher education programme. We the immigration ultimate family, help the people to increase their chances for getting entry to their preferred programs, desired carriers, higher seal salary slab job and immigration program through our worldwide, dynamic and experienced counsellors.
Although the main and registered counselling office of immigration ultimate is in kolkata [HOWRAH] but it has many associated offices for counselling [counselling for immigration, education, family reunification, tourism, and work permission] throughout, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Haryana in India. Copenhagen in Denmark, New Jersey in USA, Edmonton in Canada, Victoria in Australia and Singapore..


Connecting Your Dreams to Reality!

Helping the candidates to achieve their dreams. None should be absent from the developed country facilities and benefits. Our candidates should say, “Let we not stay at closed door room, let we see the Universe, let we know how the people are working from era to era”. As we know that no knowledge without college, like that we also let know that no Universe without destination.
We provide the people all information regarding higher education and immigration through teaching, training and counselling. Our highly worldwide experienced counsellors help our candidates, to provide admission in recognised universities in India or Abroad for Education & help to get them visa in many foreign countries for Immigration, Job, Tourism, Medical Treatment, part time visit, business ,spouse, And Higher Education.


Our Mission is to provide professional services which have been crafted and designated on the basis of individual’s needs. Whether it’s a choice to start a new life, just for a vacation, higher education, medical treatment, starting a new business, temporary or short time immigration, our service will categorically take care of all our client’s essential aspects of moving abroad or anywhere in India.
We provide: –

  • Migration overseas.
  • Medical treatment abroad.
  • Work abroad or in India.
  • Study abroad or in India.
  • Family or friend’s visitation abroad.
  • Business visitation or investment in India or abroad.


We also assist our with resume/cv making and placing them abroad with job upon post landing at their choice able destination.


Our services are unique and more than what other visa consultancies offer. We not only reach to our clients personally but also make sure that their aspirations should fulfilll in relate to get the visa.

Overseas Placements: Immigration ultimate is an opportunity that could not be missed out. We make visualize the client right way for acquiring professional degree or certification, to settle down permanently with work, on adventurous trip like overseas travel which excite everyone, investing in foreign country, conducting business abroad or meeting with family abroad. Migration is not at all that easy. Certain conditions are to be followed in order to migrate:

  • Client must be familiar with all the typical procedures pertaining to visa process.
  • Certain basic level requirements to attain a visa.
  • One must have all the necessary documentations to process the visa.
  • One must have sufficient knowledge to understand the application forms without errors, to spare time on the updates of the immigration rules and to follow up the application status.


  • We value client expectations. For us clients always, always comes first.
  • We grow with our competitors and clients.
  • We value encouragement and commitment which has come from our clients.
  • Our clients enjoy our services and provide their honest feedbacks.
  • One of the unique feature in our part is we have a direct access to many countries for future visa applications.
  • A huge network of professionals, visa authorities, inter country network, job placements guarantee in India and abroad and made relationships beyond.



We have designed and documented processes on the basis of client’s needs. Our competent staff members will categorically take care of each essential queries for the aspects of moving abroad. But don’t just take our word for it. We work hard to satisfy our customers’ needs in these following areas.

  • Admissions in Indian universities.
  • Job placement services in Indian PSUs/ private or Abroad.
  • Helping in obtaining H1-B visa/Work Permits/Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL)/Express of Interest (EOI) visas.
  • Family reunification visas for Germany, UK, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada and Middle East.
  • Bachelors, Masters and PhD in the top rank universities across the World.
  • Permanent residency visas in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Assistance in Intra Company type of visas.
  • Sports category visas.
  • Film and Music category Visas.
  • Temporary workers or Holiday workers type of visas.
  • Business Category Visa
  • Visiting professor/ guest faculty in the field of science and technology type of visas.
  • Tourist visas or temporary visitor visa.

Our complementary services towards our clients is that we, assist in searching jobs into their country of choices by sending the resume to various job consultants of that country. This helps them to settle down and complete their dreams as soon as possible.







in scholarship awards





Our success stories along with our clientele for the year 2016-17 is displayed as under those who have got visa through us



2018 – 15 clients been placed as Permanent resident visa to Canada, 20 clients on for work permit in Russia, 29 clients been placed as student visas to USA, Australia and France.
2017 – 10 client been placed on work permit cum Permanent visa to Canada, 05 clients on Permanent Resident visa to Canada, 15 students to USA for education and 30 students to Australia.
2016 – 20 students received I-20 and education permit to USA and UK. 10 people received work permit in Russia and 15 people got Green Card for Denmark.
2015 – We sent 05 students to Usa for Engineering study, 04 clients to Canada, 02 clients in tourist visa, 06 clients to Australia subclass 166, 28 students were sent to Haryana and Chhattisgarh for studies of BDS, B.E and 450 students were sent to Haryana for studies of B.Ed
2014 – We sent 10 students to Bangalore for study of Engineering. Medical and Foreign Science, 10 students were sent to Haryana for studies of Engineering, 40 students were sent to Haryana for studies of Education
2013 – 01 student sent to USA for engineering study and 40 students were sent to Haryana for studies of Engineering and Education
2012 – We sent 01 student for study to Australia and 12 students were sent to Chhattisgarh for Engineering study.
2011 – We sent 02 students to USA for study and 12 students were sent to Nagpur for Engineering study.
2010 – One people was sent to Australia for Job with PR Visa and 10 students were sent to Nagpur for engineering study.
2009 – Five students were sent to Bangalore for MBBS and Engineering study.
2008 – We sent 09 students to University of Nagpur for engineering study.
2007 – We sent 03 students to Australia for study.
2006 – We sent 03 students to University of Bridgeport, Connecticut,USA for Masters of Science.
2003 – We sent 01 student to University of Bridge port, Connecticut,USA for study of Engineering.
2002 – Three students sent to Bangalore University for study of MBBS after KOMET test.
2001 – Two students sent to Bangalore University for B.Tech study.
2000 – We sent 01 student to study B.Tech in University of Nagpur.
1999 – We sent 05 students to study B.Tech in University of Nagpur.
1998 – Ms. Lakshmi Sharma to the University of South Dacota

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