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  1. Settle under Express Entry with Family.
  3. Live 5 years with Family under PR Visa facilities.
  4. Apply for Permanent Citizen of Canada. Just after 3 years on PR Visa.
  5. Being Citizen of Canada, Everybody can go to USA along with other many countries without any Visa.
  6. Hold multiple nationalities.


  1. All Candidate should submit all HIS / HER Testimonial papers in Xerox copies to IMMIGRATION ULTIMATE at the time of Application for Canada.
  2. IELTS Score needs minimum 6.5 out of 9 and IELTS Score 4.5 to 6.5 out of 9 is applicable only for the Candidates those who want to apply for Canadian PNP Programme PR Visa
  3. 03. Apply only Skilled back ground with minimum 15 years Education along with minimum 03 years Job experience. 10. Finally processing of issuance of Visa grant letter for Passport Submission & Visa Stapling. It will be done through VFS, New Delhi.
  4. Getting the Application from Candidate, PRE ASSESSMENT REPORT will be done for Eligibility.
  5. Then it will be sent to Canada for PR Visa.
  6. Assessment & WES for PR Visa will be done in Canada for Skilled workers, it will take 3 MONTHS.
  7. 07. Canada PR Visa issues on point basis also, A Candidate should get 67 points out of 100 points. Points are based on AGE, IELTS SCORE, EDUCATION, and WORK EXPERIENCE & ADOPTABILITY.
  8. 08. There after[a] Expression of Interest & [b] Invitation to Apply will be done, it will take 4 Months.
  9. Finally processing of issuance of Visa grant letter for Passport Submission & Visa Stapling. It will be done through VFS, New Delhi.
  10. Our Canadian ICCRC & CRCIC Licence Holder does all the Legal Immigration Works in CANADA.
  11. 11. IMMIGRATION ULTIMATE Representative will be present at Canadian Airport to receive our Client.


A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is an essential portion of the process when employers in Canada need to recruit temporary foreign workers (TFW). Depending on the industry sector and the job, a positive LMIA should be issued prior to temporary foreign workers able to apply for a temporary work permit.

When employers in Canada look for temporary foreign workers, there’s often a constraining demand to fulfill jobs that have been welcoming for a while. So one of the most significant questions is “how long is the LMIA processing time?” It depends. Specific high-skill jobs can qualify for LMIA 10 business days processing. With maximum jobs that need an LMIA, however, the Employment processing and Social Development Canada (ESDC)/Service Canada can take remarkably higher.

There are remarkable actions companies can take to withdraw processing delays.

Complete Application is Mandatory

One of the leading influencers on LMIA processing time is how perfect or right the application is. The form of application is pretty detailed and for a genuine reason. Canada ESDC/Service must be assured that choosing a TFW doesn’t take a position away from a qualified citizen of Canada or permanent resident. Also, the Canadian government requires to prove the employer has an authorized business, there is an original job available, and that the TFW can do that job.

The application defines the relevant documentation the organization should provide. In that application, if that documentation is not included, then it will be declined.

Proof of Recruitment Efforts

Employers also must demonstrate that they made significant effort to explore for a qualified citizen of Canada or permanent resident who might be suited for the job. There is a segment on the application form where companies provide the features of their efforts. It means the efforts to find a proper worker within the country have to take place before demanding for a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Current changes need employers to use Canada’s Government Job Bank as part of their research for a proper worker. Within the first 30 days of posting the job, companies must invite applicants with specific rankings to demand the open job. The expected ranking shifts depending on whether the position is classified as a low-wage or high-wage. Without doing the comprehensive recruitment, the employer risks ESDC/Service Canada denying the LMIA application.

Get the Right Help

Don’t give your application of LMIA get caught up with limited processing. At MoreVisas, we can assist you throughout the whole process. MoreVisas immigration experts have the expertise and knowledge in the process of LMIA to lead you through every step and help you hire the temporary foreign workers your business requirements.


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