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New Zealand


Migrate and become Permanent Resident under Skilled Migrant category & free entry for New Zealand.
Job opportunities for IT, ENGINEERS & MANAGEMENT.


  1. All Candidate should submit all HIS / HER Testimonial papers in Xerox copies to IMMIGRATION ULTIMATE at the time of Application for PR Visa for NewZealand.
  2. IELTS Score needs minimum 7 out 9.
  3. Only Skilled back ground with minimum 14 years Education along with minimum 02 years Job experience.
  4. Getting the Application from Candidate, PRE ASSESSMENT REPORT will be done for Eligibility.
  5. Then it will be sent to New Zealand for PR Visa.
  6. Assessment for PR Visa will be done in New Zealand for Skilled workers, it will take 3 MONTHS.
  7. New Zealandn PR Visa issues on point basis also, A Candidate should get 60 points out of 125 points. Points are based on AGE, IELTS SCORE, EDUCATION, and WORK EXPERIENCE & ADOPTABILITY.
  8. There after[a] Expression of Interest & [b] Invitation to Apply will be done, it will take 4 Months.
  9. Next processing will be done by DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION AND BORDER PROTECTION OF New Zealand. They will verify all the Documents, Police Verification & Medicals.
  10. 10. Finally processing of issuance of Visa grant letter for Passport Submission & Visa Stapling. It will be done through VFS, New Delhi.
  11. . Our NEWZEALAND MIGRATION AGENTS REGISTRATION AUTHORITY Licence Holder does all the Legal Immigration Works in Australia as well.
  12. IMMIGRATION ULTIMATE Representative will be present at New Zealand Airport to receive our Client.