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Norway is popularly known as nutshell country in Europe. One could get a lot of things to see in Norway but one city that highlights the Norway attractions is Oslo. Oslo is in fact the capital and largest city of Norway. Today, it is abode to some of the major maritime companies in the world. This Nordic country is considered as an ideal place to live in as it has awe-inspiring natural wonders and friendly people, exhilarating collection of activities to pick from and number of tourist places to visit. A large number of individuals prefer to spend their holiday in this nation as it embodies a place where everyone can relax.
Visit NorwayWith its wonderful environment, delicious cuisine, friendly people and unique culture the country thrives in luring a number of people from every nook and corner of the globe. The country boasts numerous natural fjords, jagged coastlines, glaciers, mountain terrains and eternal lush green pastures. Travelling this exciting country is very simple and being a non-EU you need to get a Norway visa, which can be applied through online as well.

Study in NorwayNorway is a highly developed nation with a steady and developing economy which presents lots of opportunities for jobseeker and investors. Thus, the country has become as dream destination for education. Every year, Norway welcomes a significant number of international students to study in its certified universities.

Norway EU Blue card

Norway EU blue card is introduced as an immigration card at par with United Sates green card to attract skilled professionals from different parts of the world. This card came into effect on 1st Augus...

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Visitors Visa

Norway is popularly known for its striking and natural fjords as well as jagged coastlines that bounded the nation. Besides this, there are a variety of glaciers, endless lush green pastures and mount...

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Student Visa

Many scholars and intellectuals prefer to study abroad because an overseas education makes their way to better future. And, a lot of opportunities knocks on their door, when they hold a foreign degree...

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