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Immigration Ultimate helps the students to get easy and affordable Admission in many Colleges/ Universities either in India or Abroad as per Student’s choice.
Immigration Ultimate has good contact with many Universities in many countries including India throughout the world. We understand the financial condition of our client’s. That is why we have got contact with low budget colleges and universities to study Management , Engineering, Medical, Dental, Nursing, Computer Science, Forensic Science, Education, Business Intelligence Developer, Database Administrator ,PhD Postdoc.
We prepare all the papers in favour of our students to get admission easily in the Student’ choice able interested University.



  1. SBM = All the Students those who are interested to get Admission in the Universities or Colleges in India / Abroad, they are requested to deposit all the ADMIT CARDS, MARKS SHEET, PASS CERTIFICATE, COLOUR PHOTOS, CHARACTER CERTIFICATES, ADDRESS ID, to immigration ultimate , in colour XEROX copies. Then RENKA EDUCARE’s work will start in favour of the Students like –
  2. APP =Prepare of Student’s Digital Application to get Admission in University.
  3. SOP= Statement of Purpose.
  4. LOR= Letter of Recommendation.
  5. SCV= Student’s curriculum vitae.
  6. SVA= Student’s Visa Application.
  7. AE = Make Student’s Admission Easy in University either in India or Abroad
  8. CE = Choice of college.
  9. LOI = Letter of Invitation.
  10. AP = Making papers in favour of the Student’s admission ability.
  11. . FP = Making financial papers in favour of the Student.
  12. CH = Immigration Ultimate arranges many coaching classes in favour of the Students like – IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT, AIEEE, IITJEE, NEET, AIPMT etc.
  13. CHR = Immigration Ultimate helps the students to get proper Character certificate
  14. PVC = Immigration Ultimate helps the Student to get proper Police Verification certificate
  15. FIN = Immigration Ultimate helps the Student to make Financial Papers.
  16. SCH = Immigration Ultimate helps the Student to get Scholarship from the Universities in India or Abroad.




  1. Cambridge College = Canada. For Mba. & Engineering
  2. University Of Canada West = Canada For Mba, Engineering, Cs
  3. University Of British Columbia, = Canada. For MSc In Computer
  4. University Of Manitoba, = Canada. For MSc In Computer Science.
  5. University Of Alberta,= Canada. For Msc In Computer Science.
  6. University Of Windsor, = Canada. For Engineering, Cs
  7. University Of Manitoba, = Canada. For Bio Chemistry, Medical Genetics.
  8. University Of New Foundland, St. John’s. = Canada. For Computer Science
  9. University Of Victoria, Victoria, = Canada. For Applied Science
  10. University Of Saskatchewan, = Canada. For Chemical Engineering.



  1. Okland City University, = Usa. For Mba, Engineering, Academic.
  2. Mount Aloysius College, Cresson, = Usa. For Mba.
  3. Touro College, New York, = Usa For Mba.
  4. Complellsville University, Complells Ville, = Usa For Mba
  5. Trevecca Nazarenne University, Nashville, = Usa For Mba.
  6. Font Bonne University, St. Louis = Usa. For Mba, Engineering.
  7. Efrei Engineering School Of Information And Digital Technology, = Usa, For
    Business Intelligence, MBA
  8. University Of Bridgeport, Connecticut, = USA. For MBA, Engineering, Medical, Dental,
    Nursing, Academic & Commerce.



  1. Teesside University, Middles Borough, = United Kingdom. For MBA
  2. Ieseg University, Lille, = France. For Mba
  3. Audemica Business School, Nantes, = France For Mba
  4. Eu Business School, Munich,= Germany For Mba.
  5. Kiev University, = Ukraine. For Mba, Veterinary, Engineering. Medical, Dental, No IELTS/ TOEFL
  6. Eastern Institute Of Technologies, Napier, = New Zealand. For Mba, Business Intelligence Analyst.



  1. Kurukshetra University, = Haryana = India. For Education, Academic, Engineering, Law,
    Mba, Medical, Dental
  2. Mdu University, Haryana. = India for Mba, Education, Academic, Law, Engineering
  3. Cdlu University, Haryana, = India. For Law, Engineering, Academic, Education, Mba.
  4. Hpu, University, Himachal Pradesh. = India. For Education, Mba, Academic, Engineering
  5. Jnu, University, Rajasthan, = India. For Education, Mba, Academic, Engineering, Dental, Medical Law.
  6. Dr. Cvru University, Raipur, = India. For Education, Dental, Medical, Law, Academic,
  7. Csvtu, Durg, = India. For Medical, Dental, Engineering, Education, Academic.
  8. Jain University, Bangalore, = India. For Medical, Dental, Aerospace Engineering,
    Engineering, Education, Forensic Science, Law, Nursing.
  9. Bangalore University, Bangalore, = India, For Engineering, Medical, Dental, Law,
    Education, Academic. Mba.
  10. Christ University, Bangalore, = India. For Mba, Engineering, Law, Medical Dental,
    Education, Computer Science, Academic.



  1. China Medical University = China. For Medical. No IELTS.
  2. Zhenczhou University. = China. For Medical. No IELTS.
  3. Yanczhou University, = China. For Medical. No IELTS.
  4. Wuhan University.= China. For Medical. No IELTS.



Document required for higher studies / admission/ education visa.

  1. Admit Cards of Class = 10, 12, Diploma, Grad, Masters & Phd.
  2. Marks Sheets of Class = 10, 12, Diploma, Grad, Masters & Phd.
  3. Pass Certificates of Class = 10, 12, Diploma, Grad, Masters & Phd.
  4. All Work Experience Joining, Job Experience & Relieving Letters.
  5. All Extra Training Letters.
  6. All 64 Pages Of Passport.
  7. Voter / Pan / Aadhar Card.
  8. Bank Account Statement.
  9. Police Verified Certificate.
  10. 14 Copies Color Photos.
  11. IELTS Latest Score Card.
  12. Medical Fitness Certificate.
  13. Noc Certificate Of Parents.
  14. All Character Certificates.



First deserve, and then desire.All the students who desire to get financial assistance to pursue your higher studies abroad, here are the details of Indian organisations that offer various scholarship awards.

  1. Aga Khan Education Services.
  2. American Alumni Association.
  3. Bharat Petroleum Scholarship For Indian Students.
  4. Commonwealth Uk Scholarships For Indian Students.
  5. Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships.
  6. Hsbc Scholarships Program.
  7. Inlaks Scholarships.
  8. Ireland Scholarships For Indian Students.
  9. J.N. Tata Endowment.
  10. K.C. Mahindra Education Trust.
  11. Lotus Trust.
  12. The Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship.

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