The US celebrated “Constitution Day” and “Citizenship Day” by holding more than 316 naturalization ceremonies between 13th and 23rd September. The country welcomed more than 34,000 new citizens in these ceremonies.

The activities in the Constitution Week of the US featured a naturalization ceremony on 17th September at the DAR Constitution Hall. Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Director of the USCIS, administered the Oath of Allegiance. He also gave congratulatory remarks to more than 1,000 immigrants who became new citizens.

Director Cuccinelli said that the US adopted the US Constitution nearly 232 years ago. As the country celebrated Constitution Week it was important to underline the importance of the responsibilities of citizens to defend and protect the Constitution. The 34,400 immigrants who became new US citizens followed the path of law on their way to naturalization. They now call the United States of America home.

Director Cuccinelli further said that there is no better way to celebrate Constitution Week than to welcome new citizens. These new citizens have committed to the great country of the US and have pledged to always support the Constitution.

The US observed Constitution Day and Citizenship Day on 17th September as part of the Constitution Week observed between 13th and 23rd September. The celebration honours the signing of the American Constitution on 17th September 1787. It also celebrates the observance of the “I am an American Day” that began in 1940.

President Harry Truman signed a law in 1952 and that began the celebration of the Citizenship Day in 1952.

President Dwight Eisenhower declared the first Constitution Week in 1952.

This celebration week commemorates the connection between the US Constitution and citizenship. It also reflects on the deeper meaning of becoming a US citizen.

The US welcomes between 650,000 and 750,000 new citizens every year during naturalization ceremonies. These ceremonies are conducted across the US and the world.

In 2018, the US naturalized more than 756,000 people which was the highest in the recent 5 years.

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