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IU have an experienced education and visa processing team which is spread
throughout the world. Our education and visa process team work through 32
teams in India and some teams are working from Canada, USA, Denmark,
London, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. The Immigration Ultimate Process
Teams have enough knowledge on the following points like :-

  • Our experts have vast knowledge in processing Visa application.
  • Excellent knowledge on immigration foreign countries Immigration rules.
  • Our process team are known to many languages for easy communication.
  • Contact with the Candidates like a family member, till the Visa is done.



  • Submission of the client’s application, incorporating RE’s exclusive ‘PREACCESS’ along with all the essential documents to the respective VFS Global services.
  • Periodic follow ups of the application with the concerned VFS Global and conduct correspondence with them on our client’s behalf.
  • Intensive Interview Preparation at our office to ensure compatibility with the job market/ education visa/ work permit or to concern embassy’s selection criteria for a favourable result, under the personal suitability factor.
  • Updating clients on any changes in the application status and submitting their documents as required by the concerned visa post
  • Assist clients with the evaluation and assessment of their educational qualifications and skills from the relevant authority across the world.
  • Supervise the progress of a client’s application from the signing of a retainer agreement to issuance of the permanent resident visa.
  • Advise clients on the licensing and registration requirements to work in their intended occupation on landing in around the world.
  • Advice clients on training programs and academic courses they could pursue to broad base their skill sets and improve their professional qualifications to ensure compatibility with employment standards of the concerned country.
  • Detailed pre-departure orientation on the welfare policies, education and job search procedures of the relevant country.
  • Advise on English language training courses to improve a client’s level of fluency in reading, writing and speaking in English and specialized internationally certified courses advisable for the Canadian / Australian / UK job market through an exclusive association with RE of advanced learning wherever available.



  • Arrange for an airport transfer to a pre-arranged temporary accommodation.
  • Arrange and guide ( if required) for low cost temporary accommodation with easy access to internet facility, fax, newspapers, employment, publications etc.
  • Advise on opening of a Bank Account.
  • Informing new immigrants about the foreign lifestyle and culture.
  • Information on renting on purchase of a house.
  • Assistance in applying for a driving license.
  • Guidance for children’s school & college admissions.
  • Information about Provincial licensing, registration & apprentices program.
  • Job search guidance about “Temporary Jobs/ Par-time /odd-jobs” till a client finds a permanent job in his/her intended occupation.
  • Assistance in applying for the social insurance number, social security number, civil registration number.
  • Assistance in applying for the health card, health insurance policies.
  • Assistance in applying Income tax return, Income return directories.
  • Information on process of getting financial aid from financial institutions for personal or business requirements.
  • Guidance on applications for family sponsorships.

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